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I am Surgeon General of Creedy. I am a pacifist yes you heard me I won't attack or kill you. I am obviously a healer.

I have a few achievements that I will speak now.

I am Surgeon General of Creedy meaning I am head over the wellbeing of all Creedy residents alive and dead.

I started Creedy's Hospital. It currently has one other healer working inside who's name is Syal. I was given the idea when we had several spirit attacks and two tiger attacks on us. So this was mainly for protection of healers and those to be healed.

I am also researching some of the search odds in Creedy that I have put in an area on the Commonwealth forums.

I do not mind speaking to others and I have a few dreams I hope to accomplish. My first is to become a top healer. My second is to have a trip to Raktam with decent language skills. My third at last is to be around to see Creedy become a major power.

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