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Mill Wilkinson

"It isn't my real name, and the name I was given shall remain a secret." - Mill Wilkinson

Is it really so hard to live in Shartak? Oh yes, it seems so, he thought when he got impaled by a stag for the third time.


Eastern Federation - My favourite. Good ideals and fun comrades.

1st Derby Privateers - Policework. Not so fancy, but it'll do until I get on my feet again.


In Shartak: Mill Wilkinson is a hunter and Privateer, whose main goal is to have a place to call his own. He has done that by claiming a loghouse in Derby. Now he seeks to gain something that will last in Shartak, something that people can remember him of when he finally goes unactive.

I the net: Almost always named Mill Wilkinson, Millwilkinson or Mill_Wilkinson, so friends from Shartak can say hello to me!

In the world: High-schooler, Rome: Total War fanatic and hunter.