The gangsterz of york

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The gangsterz of york
Leadership: Eminem1
Members: 1 and where recruiting homeys fast!
Goals: kill everyone we hate,meet and talk in a hut.
Recruitment policy: join us and be called a homey gangster,be feared by everyone you hate!
Contact:,and also a hut to chat in at the GPS co-ordinates: [-70.370,+26.319]ok,here's our forum!:

the gangsterz of york are a bunch of homeys walkin around killing,recruiting,and chatting we kinda like killing groups fighting for justice like the CP(Colonial Police),please join us we have rwally strong Allies that are devoted to keeping riot!


1. Eminem1(Founder)

no more....


1. The Reefer Terror cell,(founder:)Lord Paul Reefer.

2. The Lords of Destruction,(Founder:)Riddick


1. Colonial Police,(founder:)mickR


12th July,2006:Kill kjendlie if you ever see her again,and we've had quite a lot of deaths in our gang it's really starting to piss me off!!!

9th July,2006:Kjendlie is currently in our hut but do not not kill her,but kill someone called'the voice' he pisses me off....

6th July,2006:I'm currently making an offer for the first person who joins will get TWO! free body guards!

5th July,2006:If you look around our 'hood' theres over 12 people in it!

3rd July,2006:i have currently made a clan bank deposit money into it to help the clan get more gangsterz AND more body guards,oh,and body guards are currently on offer just ask me in our hut,ALSO,Kjendlie from the CP wandered to far into our 'hood' so i killed dat bitch!

1st July,2006:the clan 'The Gangsterz Of York' is made!


current wars!:

Colonial Police,(founder:) mickR,arwedda.