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Only Derby soldiers with suitably evoctive names can join the expedition. Anyone can sign on as a servant, guide or porter.

The Talk Section

Um...could you please use the edit button at the top of the page when making edits throughout the wiki page? It's really hard to track edits on the wiki when there are dozens of edits on a single page in short period of time. I'll beg, if need be.--Black Joe 03:19, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Definately with Joe here, when I was making my wiki pages I got shouted at for doing so much as 5 in a row - --Rozen 05:37, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

--No problem, we'll try to avoid doing that in future.--Nuabreed 07:03, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

I think there's a button you press to stop small edits appearing, try to find it hehe ;) --Rozen 11:20, 17 May 2007 (UTC)


Nuabreed, are all of those members listed from the Legion of the Octopope? Well, in some other life, at least. --Wulla-mullung 00:02, 5 June 2007 (UTC)