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Silly Picture

Your clan pic gives the thought that you're invading Derby, not protecting!--Marvin 10:57, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

  • It shows the brave people of Derby uniting to fight the Federation!--Arthur Lines 15:33, 29 June 2007 (UTC)


Great exalted leader, I am Lord Jones, I became aware of this group through the heretical writings of the vile tome named the Derby Evening Press. I am a son of Derby, and on my arrival to the island I went out and explored, bringing pain and death the the undeserving natives.

After a long time out in the wilderness I returned to Derby to find out that the town had changed, gone was the need to kill all natives in the own, natives where actually welcomed. On finding that this sickening act has taken place, I decided to undertake a one man war aginst the natives in Derby, while initally may crusade was successful, over a period of time I gained a Kill On Site notice. While this notice did not effect me in anyway, I did mean that I had to take my crusade to the world of the spirits, and from that day I have been haunting Derby.

When I saw the notice in the Derby Evening News about the Derby Protectors I knew that others felt the samne way I did about the Eastern Federation and its ways. As such I decided to join your clan.

Yours most greatfully

Lord Rupert Finsburry Charles Arthur Philip Louis Albert David Mountbatten Windsor-Jones( Lord Jones 23:08, 14 June 2007 (UTC) )

  • Ignore him, he's just annoyed that I killed him while he was on the beach on the same square as a native chick. Brutal, i noticed he was gettin kinda friendly with her, both of them KOS, you know. So I separated this happy coupple, Brutaly. - Nathan Explosion
  • Lord Jones, we are truly brothers in arms! I am glad we share such passion for our beloved Derby. We cannot let her fall! Do what you can for the cause. The Eastern Federation must be made aware that there are those in Derby who will not sit back and let them oppress us. Leave the civilian population; it is they who suffer so much already. Attack those who belong to the Federation, and let them know fear. Spread the word - if three of us can cause so many problems to the Federation, imagine the effects of a whole town rising up against them!--Arthur Lines 10:48, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

The town probably wont kick out the only organised defence force, medical service, and education service. We haven't done anything negative to them. On a flavoursome note, if we were kicked out, it'd be pretty cool, because we'd lead a gurrlia war on you. and we have bigger numbers. - RobZombie

  • Keep telling yourself that, murderer.--Arthur Lines 21:57, 15 June 2007 (UTC)
  • Well i did post a reply but it seems to have been lost to the winds of time. Anyways if my great exaulted leader could contact me if possibile via private message on the Official Shartak forum, i would like to discuss a cunning plan I am forumlating

Lord Rupert Finsburry Charles Arthur Philip Louis Albert David Mountbatten Windsor-Jones( Lord Jones 22:16, 15 June 2007 (UTC) )

  • I have contacted you in the manner of which you spoke, and await the plan with anticipation!--Arthur Lines 15:59, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

Heeyy, let's all try to be reasonable. Join the EF. We have cookies. Got milk? No? We have milk too. -Elegost 01:53, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

We've got more cookies and milk than in your wildest dreams, Arthur...come to us...digestive biscuits, custard creams, fig rolls! All served to the people of Derby with the rum or milk of thier choice. But we're on emergency backup supply milk. We're on the dog's milk...- Rob

...--Marvin 11:00, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

we've got uhhhh... rum aged 3 years, 6 years and century old. as for milk, i think we have goat's, full cream, skimmed, low-fat, powdered, dandelion, milk of magnesia. We don't just have those biscuits, we've got oreos, chips ahoy!, oatmeal, ginger snaps. etc -Elegost 14:13, 16 June 2007 (UTC) join us, you won't regret it. :)

Well it sucks that I'm both lactose intolerant and wheat hypersensitive which means that your biscuits and milk would kill me, so I am afraid I would have to decline the offer.

Lord Rupert Finsburry Charles Arthur Philip Louis Albert David Mountbatten Windsor-Jones Lord Jones 22:22, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

"But I just want milk that tastes like milk" Name that add--Marvin 12:04, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

The right to know

Your five members have the right to know that the Federation isn't an evil entity at all, and is in fact, and always has been, working for the safety and security of Derby citezens. Comparing your campaign of racist gurrila war, to our school, hospital, police force and Shartak's first standing army...well, I just think your members have the right to know what's what. Perhaps we can negotiate some kind of deal? one more thing, you know who all 14 of the real Privateers are, and who all 40 odd of the Federation are, but we dont know who you are, except for three. how about a members list, to even the playing field?

Would you listen to him? The 28 active members of the Eastern Federation cannot handle 5 'racist gurrila (sic)' fighters? And with odds of over 5:1, you want us to give up one of our concessions to 'even the playing field'? Listen to this man, Derby! These are your rulers! They claim to offer peace and stability, but their words are false. They care not for your well-being, and are unable to defend themselves. What if the Derby Protectors were to decide to attack you - the innocent civilian? Would you trust the Federation to be able to stop us?--Arthur Lines 17:30, 21 June 2007 (UTC)

One more-one more thing, if this is some beef you have with me in particular, I'm okay with settling it in mano-e-mano combat - Rob Zombie

Things are no longer personal now, you swine! I have my eyes set on the bigger picture!--Arthur Lines 17:30, 21 June 2007 (UTC)
Bigger picture? he means selfish ambition. -Elegost 02:12, 22 June 2007 (UTC)
I do not. I cannot account for your own priorities, but I value Derby above my own life. It is Derby which I am striving to save from your evil clutches!--Arthur Lines 16:14, 23 June 2007 (UTC)


Sorry to interject here, but the very people you attempt to subvert are the actual reporters of the DEP. Myself included. - Rob Zombie.

You have not even realised it yet! What can I say? The murderer cannot spot the simplest of things! Ha! I amaze myself, sometimes. --Arthur Lines 17:30, 21 June 2007 (UTC)
If you're only problem with the Federation was me then you'd not have killed James and the Hospitallers. So come on, evil mastermind/heroic crusader, tell me your evil plan/cunning counter? Rob
Read the article - it tells you why! I kept my activities first to the Privateers, and then the others joined in. Then my eyes opened to your obscene corruption!--Arthur Lines 10:22, 22 June 2007 (UTC)

But we run the newspaper too, so the very men who you see as corupt, actualy published your story. Rob

If you want to publicise your own failings, then that is your call!--Arthur Lines 16:12, 23 June 2007 (UTC)
I dont keep any secrets from the good people of Derby. Rob


this is a man of yours, and he has been killing UNALIGNED (or in your words FREE) derbymen, guests from other villages and visitors to derby.

care to explain? -Elegost 10:50, 24 June 2007 (UTC)

The key word is 'has'. He has seen the light, and now directs his actions towards the truly deserving.--Arthur Lines 13:18, 24 June 2007 (UTC)
Okay then, he IS still doing so. Check his recent kills please. If you want, please reprimand him and keep his actions directed only to those involved in the conflict. He is spoiling the game for those who are still getting the hang of the game or are unaligned. -Elegost 05:35, 25 June 2007 (UTC)
The most recent outsider is a pirate, who has since been killed again. This pirate had also killed lippsyl before. I consider lippsyl's actions in this case fully justified. Pirates have no rights.--Arthur Lines 08:39, 25 June 2007 (UTC)
okay then, so just please tell him to refrain from attacking and killing OTHER OUTSIDERS who are in any way uninvolved in our conflict.

And by the by, Megatron and Little Togu are in town, attacking anyone at random. do you mind getting rid of them too, instead of just us only? they will kill you when they find you. you know, for variety. -Elegost 02:15, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

Alice has also been murdering outside of the box, she's got the blood of one 'U know why' on her hands. - Rob

Again, this was before she joined the Derby Protectors. And note that 'U know why' has the blod of 'Aine' on his hands. Perhaps Alice saw this murder and righted the wrong. Anyhow, is RobZombie complaining about murdering?--Arthur Lines 13:18, 24 June 2007 (UTC)
I'm aware of Aine, and U know why is currently in questioning. And I've never murdered anyone. Everything I've done has been police action, or Holy War. Rob.
Even the corrupt Derby Court found you guilty of murder, and guilty you shall forever be until you truly atone for your actions.--Arthur Lines 18:09, 25 June 2007 (UTC)
People who atone dont get onto Vic Reeve's Rogues Gallery now do they? If what you say is true, and its not, then I'm an infamous murderer and you're the hero. Heroes fade into obscurity, pirates live on ;) - Rob
No, heroes rise and fall, but pirates live forever! -Elegost 10:46, 28 June 2007 (UTC)
But Derbians will have a home. What do pirates have? A broken ship.--Arthur Lines 15:33, 29 June 2007 (UTC)


Wow! I haven't bothered to look into the "Derby Protectors" until tonight and I must say Arthur, if all you manage to do from here on in is amuse me with your dribble, then I'll be happy, as that's all you and your merry band of semi developed neanderthals could really manage.

But that aside, I congratulate you on your efforts. Without you, Id be slaying people abroad on Ranger duties and now, I get to do it at home as a Privateer. You slander us with the usual mis-guided claims of the regular town fool and expect anyone to take you seriously? Some have, as your numbers have grown from 2... to 5! Amazing! But in time, ignorant babblers like yourself, KJ and a handful of others fade into the background while real men and woman, create the works of the ages.

A couple of questions before I sign off if you don't mind my good sir:

1. Why have you gone from being apologetic for harming natives in self defence, to wanting to kill them and rid Derby of them? Did you find Blue Hummingbird intimidating? I know I did. But she has amazing breasts. Its like looking at a car accident. Worst part is, you'll be dead by the time you realize your being rude to that lovely native. Or... you have a talent of changing focal points of your psychosis?

2. Why aren't the members listed anywhere on the Wiki or in-game page? Don't the civilian populace of Derby deserve to know the magnificent 5 individuals bringing racism and pure idiocy to our boring lives? I need to know the names so I can thank you all personally.

3. Why didn't you help out in the "Battle of Midway"? Didn't you get the memo? Perfect opportunity for you and your jabroni's to show those filthy heathen natives who's the boss eh? I'm at a loss at your commitment Arthur. Remember, Midway island is rightful property of Derby and York. You should make efforts to keep it clean.

Last one (I promise :D)

4. Where is your HQ? I need to know where I can mail my letters of complaints and where I can get a brochure of all the lovely services and amenities the Fab 5 have to offer. Are you bringing illumination to the masses? Do you think your William Wallace or such? He didn't come to a good end you know.

Anyways. I appreciate your efforts in getting rid of criminals and scum in Derby by hiring them and leading by example. You are a pantheon of greatness! At least our hunger for battle is transparent and open. We also have neglected to hide ourselves as we obviously lack the cowardice to do so and would appreciate further demonstrations by yourself and Jabroni Inc to raise the bar.

Yours Truly


1 I have never wanted natives in Derby. They are uncivilised, primitive and savage. They have no place in Derby. I do recognise their right to be on this island, just as I recognise the right of large stags to be on this island. Both lack any reasonable amount of intelligence, are at home in the jungle and are fantastic sources for XP.
2 So as to make the job easier for you? You may know some of our identities, or even all of them, but new members will keep joining, and you will need to work to discover them. No more will you be able to have the whole of Derby at your feet at your say. Derby rises up and resists!
3 Memo? Battle? Even if I was aware of this 'battle', why would I help you?
4 The whole of Derby is my HQ!
My dear Cthulu, you clearly sound like one of RobZombie's lackeys, from the ignorant comments you have written, yet you have some sense in you. You refer to us as the Fab 5. Why not join us? You have obviously been brainwashed by the Federation. You can recover! Join us, and save Derby!--Arthur Lines 21:49, 26 June 2007 (UTC)
  • We have publicly displayed membership, so everyone can give us the pat on the back when we do something useful. Cthulhu here is my first mate, and you should have known that, because we know our enemy. Come on Lines, we know ALL of your five members, and today we even got one of them to leave you (honestly!). but as of yet, you've convinced all of three people to join your cause. And one of them is clinicaly insane, more so than even Cthulhu! - Rob

  • I haven't been brainwashed by the Federation Arthur, I helped in it's creation. The irony of all this is, we all (The Federation) rose from the mire that WAS Derby, against PKers and aggresion from invading natives to help protect ourselves first, and then the remaining populace of Derby. You now rise from the mire of your former existence against the perceived oppression of the Federation and the existence of natives in Derby. While similar our paths are, the are vastly different as well. I even thought that we could co-exist in harmony battling aggressors to Derby and Pkers and helping Derby grow culturally, but your stance against natives and pirates goes against the core of the Federation beliefs. On that note, our core beliefs were beliefs we ALL held personally before forming the clans and the Federation.

1. There was a time where I killed every native I came across from simple miss-trust. Now, I recognize not just their right to the island, but their right to visit Derby and even work as Exorcists. Even if I know, the same courtesy would NOT be extended to me in lets say... Wiksik. People learn from the examples set by others. "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

2. We do know all the members but that's not the point now is it? Ive come across a couple members and haven't laid a hand on them. This will not turn into a grand scale hissy fit because of a gripe you have with the Privateers. Remember this, you attacked ME first a long time ago because I stood on a patch of cleared jungle that was apparently part of a road. Even then, after I joined the Privateers, you were not classified KOS. Eventually, action was taken. Now you run about claiming injustice and corruption? Seems there's more to this than you let on. It seems since the Federation became the most numerous, if not most powerful clan in Shartak, we have been attacked for petty reasons. Tis cool though. We have faced much worse.

3. Who said anything about helping me, or the privateers, or the Coalition? In future, I will contact you about actions being taken against aggressors and lets see how much your willing to do for Derby. We don't need your help, but Derby demands it :D

4. If you say so. Just remember, that your "HQ" is my home, and I do as I please. I have the character and care to not hurt others in my own pursuits and beliefs. That's something you can never claim Arthur, as every action you have taken during both your old self and new self has resulted on the attacks on others. You, are no better than a common thug. Review your lifestyle choices as we all now have the ability to track people in our contacts, so finding you will be childs play form here on in. Everytime you attack a federation member, we will find you. Remember, we have the numbers to back that.

In summary Arthur and in my personal opinion, we could work together. But you've chosen the path of racism and aggression. That, makes you worse than the wannabe's on my Pker list, because at least they don't hide behind a false pretense of liberation against oppression. As my Captain has pointed out, I am insane, but I have always been reasonable. Other than that, lets have some fun killing each other :)

I ramble, but it is sincere! :D

Yours Truly


In a sort of addition to what Cthulhu said.

1. Aren't natives allowed to immigrate? What if their home village's economy and village job opportunities just aren't there? Who will free Derby from becoming a haunted-house-of-terror-where-no-one-will-have-the-guts-to-enter-a-hut-without-leaving-it-a-ghost kind of village? That's what shamans do, free us from evil spirits and one got killed for being a native recently.

2. not much comment, i wasn't a privateer yet. hehe

3. It was a For Derby thing. The Spartans came and helped because it was a threat to the peace of their home. You should think outside the violent box too.

4. Don't many share this home? We should all get along. well or not too well. -Elegost 10:57, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

  • You are all fools! You cannot see past the liberal rhetoric spewed out by your leaders! They want Derby to be overrun with savages. They want Derby to lick the boots of pirates. Let these barbarians run loose and we lose our identity! We will not let them ruin us! Every one of you who tries to reason with me cannot hope to succeed - your actions are not reasonable! Abandon the Eastern Federation while you can and join the Derby Protectors! We care for Derby; join us!--Arthur Lines 15:33, 29 June 2007 (UTC)
  • Arthur Lines. It appears you did not reply to the previous comments by both Elegost and Cthulhu. Also, may I point out four forms of propaganda you used? First, you used a hasty generalization. Because the natives you have seen are savages, you assume that all natives are savages. Second, you tried to redirect the conversation by not replying directly in rational terms, but instead used a third form by appealing to ridicule. Finally, your last statement changed from the acceptable to the dubious. -Mark D. Stroyer 19:32, 3 July 2007 (UTC)

Batter Up!

About time I looked over here, I suppose. Hey, Arthur, bring your ranting over to the "Crazy Hardliners" thread over on the official forums. They're waiting on you to join in a debate over the subject of environmentalism and anti-native/pirate policies. We've been doing pretty well at keeping the thread alive in your absence, but we kinda need your actual presence to start the real debate. There's folks arguing in proxy for you (Including my idol of all mad Nationalists, Serious Sam), but they just ain't got the same SPARK, know what I'm sayin'?

Here, I'll smooth your path a bit. [1]

Whatcha waitin' for? Hop on over, Mr. Lines!

--Tomn 06:33, 1 July 2007 (UTC)