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Several times during the year, special characters show up in Shartak, with some exception, during the holidays.

  • On April Fools 2008, A level 43 Bandit named SmashnGrab appeared. Upon logging into a character on April Fool's Day, an event appear that said that their entire inventory was stolen by a bandit. However, after the next use of AP, their inventory would reappear.
  • During Easter, Easter Bunnies appear in certain spots in Shartak. They get meaner every year.
  • Santa Claus appears at his Grotto with two elves, and a chief elf. Be careful when visiting his Grotto, it is usually the site of a massive war zone.
  • During Halloween, Zombified animals appear. Whenever you kill an animal, it's zombified version arises from the ground and resumes attacking you.
  • Re-Pete, a parrot with unusual longevity, lived in the Wiksik crater before roaming the island.