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General Information

Different times in Shartak special animals will come out to play. During Halloween whenever an animal is killed, the animal will gain the adjective zombie in front of it's name. The animal has the same stats as the non zombie version, but when killed, the zombie animal will be listed in the player's profile. Other than zombie animals, there are also other special animals at special times.

One exception to this category of animals is Re-Pete, who is always present on the island.

List of Special Animals

Here is small description of what the following categories are about.

  • Location Found - Where the animal can be most commonly found.
  • Max Hitpoints - The maximum number of hitpoints that the creature can have.
  • Damage - The amount of damage an attack from this animal causes.
  • XP Bonus - The bonus the player gets for killing the animal.
  • Attack Unprovoked - Whether or not an animal will attack a player if the player hasn't attacked the animal.
  • Special Notes - Other information about some animals.

Easter Bunny

  • Location Found - Jungle
  • When it appears - Easter
  • Max HP - 50
  • Damage - 4
  • XP Bonus - 28
  • Attack Unprovoked - No
  • Special Notes - Healing an easter bunny yields double the amount of XP than usual. Does not move at all. Each year the bunnies seem to get stronger and more aggressive.


  • Location Found - Towns and Villages
  • When it appears - Halloween
  • Max HP - 50
  • Damage - 3
  • XP Bonus - 28
  • Attack Unprovoked - Yes
  • Special Notes - Almost always gets hunted to extinction real quickly.

Zombie (prefix)

  • When it appears - Halloween
  • Special Notes - The zombie adjective is added during Halloween whenever an animal dies. The animal has the same stats as the animal that was killed.


  • Location Found - Jungle
  • When it appears - Always
  • Max HP - 5
  • Damage - 1
  • XP Bonus - 5
  • Attack Unprovoked - No
  • Special Notes - A special parrot. Once stuck in the Wiksik crater and repeatedly slaughtered by the local inhabitants (208 deaths in 13 months), this poor creature was nicknamed "Re-Pete" and finally set free to roam the jungle again. His current locations can be found here should you wish to visit him.