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Shartak Preservation Front|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Wavegun.JPG|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Non-Heirachical
Members: Everyone who's fighting back
Goals: Resist the destruction of our beautiful isle!
Recruitment policy: Start agitating!
Contact: email Marco

For current news, see our Forum Thread


Medical Hut Speech


The speech was extremely well received, with 23 attendees of all nationalities. Unfortunately, in the midst of an extremely interesting and productive question and answer session with community leaders and several officers of the Colonial Police, Civilized Highway Society terrorist ombined burst into the venue and gunned down Marco and native shaman lacuna, a well-known and respected exorcist who has almost single-handedly kept York's resource huts free of aggressive spirits for the last few weeks. The CP are believed to be on Ombined's trail.

A Call To Arms

For too long, this isle has been heartlessly plundered and pillaged! In the name of progress, we cut roads into the jungle, laying waste to great swathes of land, only to fall in our dozens when enraged savages pour back along them and into our communities!

Our leaders and peers cry out for progress, commerce, access, civilisation; yet where are the calls for environment, for recreation, for enjoying and studying and living in harmony with the natural beauty that surrounds us?

Something must be done, and it must be done NOW, before it is too late forever!

Getting Involved

We call all concerned citizens of the island, from any background or village, to rise up and oppose the senseless exploitation of this land. Hell, even the natives can join, if any of them can read this.

Even as we speak, a huge network of roads is under contruction across the island, bringing death and destruction to every creature they cross and scarring forever the face of the lands. We believe this to be the single greatest threat to our ecosystem. The roads must be stopped, at any cost! Pickets, sabotage, murder; nothing is too much in this vital battle for all our futures.

As an autonomous, decentralised group, we encourage everyone to resist their local roads in whatever way they choose. For those of you looking to join the main battle, Marco is currently heading towards the jungles between York and the Mountain, to oppose the road network at its proposed hub.

The history of environmental movements teaches us one clear lesson: our concern will not be appreciated by much of society. To protect our members, we would encourage you to live a double life, pretending to be a normal citizen whilst covertly working to protect the isle. Do not post your allegience, unless you feel like running off to live forever as an outcast in the jungle; and even then, you may want to head back into town to restock once in a while.

Rousing Conclusion

This fight is nowhere near lost yet, although we must act fast to win it. Stop the roads, stop the logging, stop the needless slaughter of animals, by any means possible. Picket your local trader. Carve anti-logging slogans into trees. Support alternate means of transport. Grab a gun and a cuban cigar and join us in the jungle. Whatever you do, make them fear our name. See you in the trenches, comrades!


Important Press Realease, 14-06-06

Subcommandante Marco is proud to announce the closure of the Derby Direct route to York, effective as of 1200hrs, on the 15-06-06. Following this date, all traffic on the road will be asked to leave; those ignoring signs and requests to leave will be removed using force, if nessecary. The SPF does not wish to use excessive force. However, this road passes perilously close to several fragile microhabitats along the coast, which we cannot allow to be harmed by the heavy traffic expected to flow along the road once it is completed. Therefore, anyone refusing to vacate the road will be assumed to be hostile.

Barricades and signs have been erected at the ends of the roads; please leave these in place to prevent civilians from accidentally entering the controlled zone.

The SPF (YMH branch) would like to extend invitations to all fellow eco-warriors to join our struggle, and also to members of the Anthropological Society to study the rare microhabitats along the beaches.

To everyone else, please stay clear of the area to avoid causing erosion and pollution. Poaching, trespass, sabotage and intentional ecological damage will be strongly frowned upon.

(For a discussion of the reasons we need to stop this road, see the Talk Page)