Outsider Only Skills

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Some skills are specific to only outsiders. The ones described in this page are available to all Outsider Classes. To see class specific skills, use the following the links.

Native Knowledge

Outsiders gain basic native knowledge - Outsiders can use native items, like blowpipes and poison darts, identify and use healing herbs, and identify the difference between tasty berries and poison berries.

Tomas knelt down to inspect the berries before him. Choosing the blues ones over the red was always the best choice, the last time he has the red berries, he was looking for giant leaves for a week.

First Aid

Heal 10 HP with first-aid kit - Heal 10HP instead of 5HP with every First Aid kit.

GIR took out the lotion and several bandages, "It will sting for a minute, means its working and all, and I hope you don't scream, too much." Smiling he lathered the lotion on the person, who flinched and inhaled sharply.