La Famiglia di Machetti

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La Famiglia di Machetti
Abbreviation: The Family; La Famiglia; The Machettis
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Giovanni Machetti
Goals: To run a Respectable Business
Recruitment Policy: Private Invitation
Contact: Talk Page/Forum/In-Game



La Famiglia di Machetti is a Sicilian business family which arrived on Shartak, settling in the town of Durham, with the intention of starting up and running a successful business. Or several successful businesses. They had high hopes for several of their family members - positions in Durham's fledgling government, diplomats to other towns and villages, policemen and bankers. They were prepared to sacrifice a great deal for the success of the family.

However, upon arrival, La Famiglia encountered a great deal of ethnic discrimination. The words "Mafia" and "Mobsters" were thrown around by the residents of Durham, and even before most of the family had arrived, they were denounced as criminals.
Accused of crimes they did not commit, and harassed by the powers that be, several members of the family returned to Sicilia to lie low for a while, leaving the youngest cousin, Anthony, to set up operations in Durham.

Anthony Machetti had already managed to set up several trade ventures, transporting medical supplies to the Free Clinic of the Independent Republic of Fort Creedy, and he quickly put into action the plans of his elders. He set up the Club Palermo - an establishment with the purpose of delighting its patrons with wonderfully prepared Sicilian food and drink, and nightly entertainment - in the place of the old headquarters of the Durham Pistoleers. It took several weeks to renovate and rebuild the buildings, but the finished project made it clear in the minds of the public that La Famiglia was in Durham to stay.

Anthony also left, only showing up in intervals, leaving the bulk of the family in care with Giovanni Machetti. Giovanni since then has setup trade routes with new clan within the Crredy Ruins, New Haven. He also has on the payroll a bartender, Algy Templeton, and a bouncer of sorts, Sympathetic Phil. Giovanni knows he can leave the Club in the capable hands of these two to pursue new trade agreements, like with the pirates and the inhabitants of York.

Giovanni has also perfected brewing, and know makes Machetti brand wine, which sells for the highest of prices. The wine itself is a very fragant brew, one befitting of the Machetti lawyer who refuses to dirty his hands.

Many people allege that La Famiglia di Machetti maintains its business on a system of generous rewards for those who are cooperative and harsh punishments for those who get in the way. Critics point at the Family's policy of administering 'Family Justice' to enemies who cannot be punished under Durham law. This 'Justice' often leaves the victim disfigured and on the verge of death, or kills the victim outright.

However, La Famiglia di Machetti dismisses this criticism as smear campaigns spread by their competitors, and refuses to apologize for any injuries it has inflicted.


La Famiglia di Machetti runs the Club Palermo in Durham. Here they sell the homemade Machetti wine brew, as well as other beers and rums. Club Palermo has trade routes with not only New Haven, but the pirates and sometimes Trader Harry in York.

La Famiglia di Machetti does not appreciate vandals, thieves, or murderers in its establishments, and has promised to take matters into its own hands should anyone commit such crimes. And this usually means in the hands of Sympathetic Phil.