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Current Issue

Issue 1

Past Issues

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Jungle Drums is a magazine for the native community, which provides interesting articles about subjects that matter to us. We publish all kinds of material, ranging from news and investigations to stories and guides. So if you'd like to read what other natives like you have written, this is your place. And if you want to contribute something yourself, you are of course very welcome to do so.


Want an ad in our newspaper? Make sure you are satisfied with it, then upload it. There are no restrictions on what type of ad you upload, just remember to keep it in character. There is no cost for having an ad in Jungle Drums, but that's likely to change in the future.


Jungle Drums strives to obtain the best of information, which includes guides. Want one to get noticed but not part of Jungle Drums? Feel free to give us a holler and we'll put a permanent link here, free of charge.


To contact the Jungle Drums newspaper about our articles or about becoming a journalist, place a comment on our talk page.


Currently there is only one rule: when writing an article, you must not use information you obtained with another character. This means that if one of your characters whom is not the character writing the article sees or hears something, or if they have access to secret information, you may not use that information when writing said article. There is no problem if you use information obtained with the character writing the article or information that is accessible to everyone.

The News Team

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