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Xin Shartak.JPG

A tall and massive man - almost two meters tall, with muscles everywhere and a typical large belly (it must be the rum). But anyone thinking that his body is a reason to laugh at him is in deep trouble - usually his cutlass speaks faster than his mouth at situations like that.

His black hair flow freely from his head down to shoulders. Never wears any shirt, nor anything on his chest, except for the belt of a sheath mounted on his back and a small silver pendant with a strange symbol written on it. Yet, miraculously, the mosquitoes and other insects never bite him. It seems that the recent raid on one of the villages has earned him a few new scars.

He carries three cutlasses with him - one on ach side, and one across the back. Sometimes it happens that he talks to them, calling the ones by his sides "Slasher" and "Ripper". No one though has ever seen him use the third one, from his back in any battle. If asked about it he takes the pendant into his hand, squeezes it and whispers "Revenge is near... I feel it..."

He is a boatswain at the Hellborne Strumpet, and seems to get a lot of pleasure from yelling at everyone onboard. Also at nights you can see him sometimes sitting on the deck, looking in the sky, smoking a pipe - and singing... singing old songs for a lost soul travelling somewhere on this island... His last achievement hangs on his belt - the head of Shrubar, shaman of the village Dalpok