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Mister Xintlaer! A Gentleman's Duelling Wager has been proposed between yourself and the purser of the Jolly Roger Gang. It seems you two have some unexplained beef. After consulting with the Gang's Captain we settled on this being the best way to avoid further conflict (and make some gold off the chumps who bet on the other fellow). The exact time has yet to be set but the working date is this Friday. Cutlasses at dawn seems to have the weight of tradition on it but it's probably not the most convenient. Another day might be arranged if you like. If any of this sounds off to you say so and the Crew will elect another champion since it's a shame to let a good idea go to waste. Respond on my discussion page or the Scurvy Crew wiki itself. Tyler Whitney 02:30, 7 November 2006 (UTC)