Wolf Pack

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In-game page
Leadership: TripleU and stormj35
Members: 6, as of Dec. 27
Goals: To entertain with danger and death
Recruitment policy: All outsiders who can work as a team and kill natives
Contact: Via our forum

The Wolf Pack is a group that hunts and kills natives. While this is not uncommon, they use teamwork more than anyone else.

Outsider Hit List

Whenever a member is killed by an outsider, the killer will be put on this list. Then if any member sees that person, they will kill them. Once someone has been killed equal or greater times than they killed members, they will be removed from the list. This differs from most alliances in that they don't ignore the first few kills, yet you will always be able to redeem yourself.

Nick Soapdish killed 1 member.(TripleU)

Marco killed 1 member.(TripleU)

cpl withers killed 1 member.(stormj35)

Adolf Schwarznigger killed 1 member.

Old Macdonald killed 1 member.

Farseer killed 1 member. (TripleU)

Point System

In order to give proper credit to it's members, Wolf Pack uses a point system. Whenever a member kills, or assists in the killing of a native while working as a team, they receive points. Below is how many points you would receive for a kill or assist.

1 Native

2 Invader

3 Emergency invader

5 Town Shaman

Invader refers to a native on a square labeled as a outsider town or shipwreck. Emergency invader refers to an invader during a state of emergency. Below is the members who left the clan or volunteered to be listed, as well as how many points they have, as of Dec. 21.

TripleU 1 point

stormj35 1 point


Later December - Invites went out unrequested, bringing more members, but mostly those who are less devoted.

Mid to Late December - Santa made a wonderful source of targets, but only one could attend.

Early to Mid December - South Hall very thoroughly searched for natives. One cannibal was found, but AP was short, so his location was reported and he was killed. The Durhamites seem to have it well under control.

Late November - Clan Founded