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A place to record data about my searches.

Search data

searching in jungle 6

  • 2x nothing
  • 1x mango
  • 3x nothing
  • 1x banana
  • 1x blunt knife
  • 8x nothing

searching in jungle 8 3x nothing 1x empty gourd 1x banana 1x nothing 1x tasty berries 4x nothing 1x dead wood

searching in jungle 5 1x banana 2x nothing 1x banana 7x nothing 1x empty bottle

searching in swamp. 10x nothing 6x nothing 10x nothing 5x nothing. 1x blunt cutlass. 6x nothing. 12x nothing. 1x blunt machete. 11x nothing. 6x nothing. 1x heavy sword. 9x nothing. 1x blunt machete. 4x nothing. 10x nothing. 1x blunt machete. 5x nothing.

Fester Shinetop

[-70.273,+26.486] The ground looks like someone has been digging here recently.

  • any do is
  • on daisy
  • no daisy
  • oisandy
  • on sayid
  • noisyda