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Jace Daskull, ancient relative of the Dalmund Family (Whose family extends to Urban Dead and Nexus War in the future) is a Shaman of Raktam. Wiki page to be made awesomer.

A bright skinned, brown robed monk. He has a demonic symbol upon his forehead,and carries a long cutlass and a prayer stick, much like a Mace. He crash-landed on the island and decided to assist the natives.

Recently, he has taken to collecting tales and stories. Anyone- Outsider, Native or Pirate-, please tell him your life stories, funny on-my-way-to-the-___ tales, or anything. Just speak Shartakan. No Outsider-speak or Pirate garble.

Even more recently, he has begun to ply into the mysteries surrounding recent happenings in Shartak. To him, they seem to center around Ethir Wraithwain.

A member of the Royal Court of Raktam and the Bear Warriors, he serves his leaders unquestioningly.

Now the Warlord of Raktam. Woah, who saw it coming? Not him.

Also, it's DAS-KULL, not Da Skull.