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I'm sorry if any of my characters have pked you. I only made those kills early on and have now limited myself to killing players outside of my characters group. I don't care if you've never killed someone from my faction though. If I have ap to spare I'll cut you up.

My characters

  • Edwardel is a fairly friendly Explorer. Edwardel's interests include exploring the mountain, poaching, and running from elephants.
  • Orthograph is a character that I have recently stopped playing. Early on, before anybody had trekking, I could easily affor to have four characters but now I'm deciding to let this on go.
  • Necro Winston is a shaman from dalpok. Interests include killing pirates, throwing rocks at parrots, and mapping boatyards.
  • Lupin is a well meaning pirate in the second brotherhood of the coast. His interests include ogling girls, stealing valuable things, hanging out with Jigen, and fooling Inspector Zenigata. Beware if you are not a pirate!

Now onto myself, I've helped the wiki by posting GPS coordinates of trees, boatyards, and roaming shamans. I've stopped doing roaming shamans because John reprimanded me for spamming the history pages. Boatyards are also so few and far between that I don't actively search much anymore. I play urban dead, hellrising, and jailriot in addition to shartak. Jailriot is where I got the start for my first suggestion.