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DarkFerret is the cover of a Dutch scientist sent to Shartak to investigate...well just about anything he finds and to send reports back to Amsterdam.

In the first few weeks of the expedition Edward Grey discovered two huts in his landing town Durham. Shortly after he went into the jungle to be lost for a few weeks.

He was killed by a tiger, but his ghost seemed to remain and soon returned to Durham through some supernatural force that also carried his body to be rejoined by a shaman. Knowing the jungle a little better and getting his hands on a gps receiver, he returned to the forest occupied by thoughts of how the shaman...and he...were able to return him back to life.

Edward Grey soon discovered a group called Society for the Promotion of Independent Research on Interdimensional Translations on Shartak in which his colleague Eliot Somnambul was part of. He joined the group after he was unable to find a camera in the local trading posts (though he did find a map) to capture ghosts with. Edward Grey soon wrote to Parliament a request for photographic equipment in the next shipment of supplies.

With the long delay and possible absence of the vessel carrying the daguerreotype, Edward Grey turned to exploring other things. He quickly ran out of funds for these expeditions despite his rich stipends however and needed to open Durham Utility from which he started Utility Bank.