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I like playing Urban Dead, and like to par-wiki-pate (participate on the wiki) over there as Ms.Panes. It's fun!

This is my main character in Shartak:


Her name is Buttercup.

I'm also Buttercup on the Shartak forum.

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My characters (incarnations), in order of creation

Spring Tiger - The original incarnation to arrive on Shartak, he feels a bit of jealousy towards Buttercup for assuming the position of the voice and "true face" of the incarnations as a whole. He also feels a bit neglected, as he's often left to idle for extended periods in the jungle, and as such is woefully underskilled.

He does take solace in the fact that for a very long time he had been the only one to set about achieving a heavy sword, a prize he holds most dearly. Though both valuable and fragile, he has occasionally taken it into use against the beasts that roam the island. Now in possesion of two swords, he does not begrudge Buttercup of the one that she recently found.


Buttercup - Considered the true face of all the characters, she uses "Buttercup of Shartak" as her real name both on the island and in other realms.

Though a skilled warrior, she refrains from killing others. Excessively concerned about her reputation and desire to appear non-threatening, she does not even take revenge. Well, except for that one time... Or you know, maybe not to death, but she might consider stabbing or darting you a little. Probably wouldn't bother saving you from a tiger. She doesn't really like when people kill her.


??? - Wouldn't you like to know?
Grez - "Paint me a darker shade of Shartak."

The second most recent incarnation, he is partly born of Buttercup's less... peaceful... side. Still somewhat restrained, he feels he must have a reason to kill, and so impatiently waits for others to make him their enemy.


Mistress Sunshine - I just really liked the name.

Silently stalking the island, she has yet to say a word. Nor has she killed a single creature. Perhaps someday she will make her purposes known, but until then she simply smiles as she passes you by in the jungle.