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Arminius, Outsider

Named after the ancient Germanic hero Arminius

Who was Arminius?
In the early first century AD the Romans were trying to conquer and subdue the Germanic tribes of Europe, but were stopped, when, in 9 AD, a Germanic leader named Arminius drove the foreign Roman invaders out. In September of 9 AD, Arminius, leading a coalition of Germanic tribes, won one of the most overwhelming and glorious victories in all history, his forces annihilated three entire Roman legions in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest (25,000 elite Roman soldiers were killed all in all), and the Romans were forced to withdraw, never to return. Actually it is a mistake to say or imply that the Romans were forced to "withdraw" from Germania, as there were hardly any Roman soldiers left to "withdraw" at all, nearly their entire military force on that frontier lay dead in Teutbourg Forest! Needless to say, the Germanics remained independent of Roman rule forever thanks to that battle. See here for more info

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