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Tracking is an essential skill that allows one to find where certain people (if they are in your contact list) or animals went. Police type characters (one who protects a village or camp) or Mercenary type characters (ones who are hired to kill other individuals) would need this ability to find out where their quarry has gone. There is untrackable terrain, which is only the swamp and water tiles (water/deep water/river/waterfall). Flying animals are also untrackable (needs confirmation).

Tracking Skills

Basic tracking

With some difficulty, you can track animals and people. - Unlocks the Look for Tracks button. For 2AP allows one to see the last few tracks on a tile.

Rob Zombie knew that the native went this way, because of the broken twig, but didn't know that the native actually left him a false trail.

Advanced tracking

You can track animals and people who were here recently. - Reduces the cost of tracking to 1.5AP. Gives the last three to six tracks that have been through the area.

Ash had followed the tiger for days. He wounded it, and followed the blood trail. Pulling out his machete, Ash slipped into the brush, and went to kill it.

Expert tracking

You can track animals and people who were here several days ago. - Reduces the cost of tracking even further, done to 1AP and gives more tracks in an area.

The false trail didn't fool Cold Seether. He silently loaded his rifles, ready to kill the sleeping native.

Tracking mastery

Tracking animals and people is nearly effortless. - Tracking becomes extremely easy, the cost reduced to 0.5AP, and allows one to see multiple tracks that go back a few days.

Isolation didn't know that his latest prey had several bodyguards. He also didn't realize that his latest prey paid extremely well. Within the hour he was being hounded by the three best trackers on the island.