The Wiksik Juice Makers

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The Wiksik Juice Makers|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" NO IMAGE AVAILABLE|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Sreath10
Members: Sreath10
Goals: too make HEAPS of money.
Recruitment policy: Join us and make really good wealth and health and good for other people.
Contact: contact my email:

Are clan hut is in wiksik 5 steps up from the trader and 1 step too the left.


Sreath10 (clan leader)


Here you name how much profit you made out of a single times picking and juicing below.

  • 11/07/07 (sreath10): I sold 4 bottles of freshly made mango juice for 4 gp.


"10/07/07" The clan was made.

"11/07/07" The clan leader made the first sell.