The WickSick Headhunters/Favourite Trophies

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Favourite Trophies

This is no death list or something. Look at it as a kind of collectors fanzine...

  • Lutheran is hunted for ending the first killing spree of Foo Fighter prematurely and for wounding Jesus.
    Proud collector: Foo Fighter / collected again by Wambayak
  • Bob Nowak is hunted for trying to introduce a religion we already adopted and hybridized.
    Proud collector: Foo Fighter / collected again by Entropy / and again by Foo Fighter
  • Spookey69 is hunted for opening a never ending court case against a legion of native lawyers and sending Emile Durkheim back to our shaman...several times (counting system ends here).
    Proud collector: Entropy / collected again by Foo Fighter
  • Grigoriy is hunted for killing several WickSick Headhunters after the total owning of Derby.
    Proud collector: Foo Fighter / collected again by Jesus / and again by Lama
  • rafferton is nominated for his naughty character and for terrorizing natives.
    Proud collector: Escariot
  • Grimjack is hunted for attacking Jesus several times and running away when it came to real-time fighting.
    Proud collector: Wambayak
  • Jprocks is hunted for a complete unnecessary and unmotivated attack on Emile Durkheim which forced him to miss the ritual in Raktam.
    Proud collector: Ougadougou / collected again by Lama
  • Raffles is hunted for a slaying Baron Samedi, which is not in order.
  • LiquidatorBrunt is hunted for killing Foo Fighter way too often.
  • Crocker for being such a TWAT.
  • Kriegstein for being an objector of the DHC!
  • Grimmig wanted for misuse of language and his nice boots.
  • Nick Soapdish Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
  • Valator Killing lama twice in a row. It ain't right, no sir!