The Octavius Popebury Memorial Expedition of 1886/Projects

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Improving Derby

The Octavius Popebury Memorial Expedition of 1886 has undertaken the improvement of Derby by accurately mapping the town and establishing fine new structures to replace the bare and battered huts of the past. Our servants roam the town, at our express instruction, improving the appearance of each building. We have founded a church, clubhouse and botanical gardens. We have improved a great many buildings, including the asylum and the library amongst others. The Expedition also erected a fine seashore memorial to those lost in the defence of the Royal Colony of Derby.

(Historical Note: This is believed to refer to the Expedition's habit of adding additional detail to the interior and exterior of huts through a clever use of the "write" mechanic as seen throughout Derby today. Lord Twerpington has claimed that he developed the notion and has been awarded credit by his peers. It is possible that others have developed this technique previously but the Expedition has now firmly planted its flag on the idea, butchered the indigenous population, renamed it and swamped it with loyal settlers.)