The North Shartak Trading Company

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North Shartak Trading Company
In-game page
Leadership: Bluebeards Leg
Members: 15
Goals: Trading
Recruitment policy:
Contact: Billfred


Open For Business For A Short Period Of Time.

The North Shartak Trading Company was set up when the Pirate Bluebeards Leg was somewhat dismayed at The South Shartak Trading Company's lack of first aid kit trading at The Shipwreck. He set the Company up to quicken the pace of the first aid kit trade.

Trade Routes

Shipwreck, Dalpok, Durham, York, Derby, Wiksik and Raktam.

Items of Interest

Well first on our list is First aid kits, these can be obtained by searching in the Medical Huts of the Outsider towns of York, Durham and Derby.

Charms! Charms are needed every day for all sorts of things, get them today.

GPS units sell quite well at Native NPC traders, as do most Outsider items. Same for Native items at Outsider traders.



The number one rule is to trade.

Remember that if you kill a local, trade in that town / settlement will be affected.

Recruiting Policy

We are currently looking for new traders. Anyone can join.