The Misfits

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The Misfits

The Misfits

A Misfit is person not suited in behavior or attitude to a particular social environment but feels the need to protect the local bar and the town/village it resides in.

(THE MISFITS) is a group of unsuited individuals that hold one thing in common - the law of the bar.

The law of the bar states: "There is no person that doesn't deserve a good drink."

Following this law, a MISFIT can be found hanging out in a pub, bar, Cantina or the like. They try their best to do no harm to others that hang out with them, but will defend the patrons if times get rough.

If you don't fit, make a place to fit in to.

SANCTUARY CLAUSE: Bars are sacred grounds to a MISFIT, but the bar is certainly no church. If a person is on the town's Kill On Sight list or banned they will still be welcomed to a drink, although a MISFIT will care less if they wind up dead on the floor because of it.

The Misfits of Derby can be seen patrolling the town limits and the swamp area east of the river. You can also find them hanging out at the (The Hanged Misfit) bar drinking, laughing and telling stories. But watch out for if anyone comes into the bar and kills a Misfit or patron you can bet they will be dirt napping within minutes or tracked until found then killed.

Anyone can have their own Misfit group protecting their bar and town. Each different bar group will be given their own private section in The Misfits forum. Join today.

If you have a problem being killed over and over by the same player in the Derby town limits or the swamp east of the river come to NEED HELP page on The Misfits forum. There you can post as a quest the person's name who is bothering you and a Misfit will look into it. If you want to post in other threads you will have to sign up for The Misfits forum itself.

Clan Leaders: Katie Calhoun, E.V.A. and Winston T. Monocle

Clan Membership: 15+

Clan Goals: To protect the local bar and the town/village it resides in.

Clan Recruit: Invitation Only.

Clan Contact: The Misfits Thread in the Shartak Clan forum or Misfits forum.