The Lords and Ladies of The New World

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The Lords and Ladies of The New World|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Baron of Montmartre
Members: ?
Goals: To bring civilisation via the nobility to this uncouth Land in the form of Tea, Cricket and Pomposity
Recruitment policy: ?
Contact: Talk page

Calling All Lords and Ladies of High Birth, and Royal Lineage.

Join the Lords and Ladies of The New World on a right Royal Romp across this vast and unexplored island. There's the promise of much Tea Sippage, Good Company and the odd game of that most smashing of sports - Cricket! The Adventure of a Life time for many a daring Lord and his beautiful Lady. If you are interested, post in our talk page and we'll see what we can do.

We are currently Having Morning Tea in the island south of Derby.

With many a Toodlely Pips,

Baron of Montmartre.