The Crew of the Cursed Thief

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The Crew of the Cursed Thief
In-game page
Leadership: Captain Giosué "Lazarus" Pericolo (of Sicily and England), First Mate Hobgob I (of Denmark) and the MIA Quartermaster
Members: 2-4 (right now)
Goals: Wealth, rum and carnal delights.
Recruitment policy: Even though we consider ourselves a pirate group, we will recruit those who fit with our aethistic and consider themselves murdering bastard pirates like us. For example, we need a ship doctor (scientist) and a ship chaplain (shaman). Must be at least somewhat into roleplaying. Piracy ain't for the weak, praise "Bob" and Boognish.
Contact: Either find us at the shipwreck or contact me at

We are the crew of Il Ladro Maledetto and we crashed here on August 18, 1678 on our way to the fountain of youth. We are recovering our crew to get our asses off this god-forsaken hell hole. Our agenda may change when we get larger. Pre-Shartak ship and crew history coming soon.

Our motto: Nos decipio , nos impono , nos rapio.

Pericolo's Pirate Code: I: Everyone shall have a say in crew affairs and equal claim to fresh provisions. II:Defrauding the crew in anyway will be dealt with by marooning or death (and more death). III: Keep your weapons fit for service. IV: Desertion during battle warrants marooning or death (and more death). The rest will be put in effect once the Thief is back in action.

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