The Blockade Runners

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The Blockade Runners|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Thebr.jpg|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Kutless55
Members: currently, we're at 4
Goals: See Below
Recruitment policy: Anyone is welcome!
Contact: talk page or in-game, or whereever


Nothing more, nothing less. Tis an honor to be a Blockade Runner.

I do not require active membership, but if some old goat is going to pay for the death of someone, please do take the time to cleanse that target of all life.

The People Who Run Blockades

  • Chief Blockade Runner: Kutless55
  • CEO-Chief Exorcism Officer: Ghost Dog
  • Envoy to Derby: G3N
  • Public Relations: Lama

(told you we're just 4)

What do we do?

The members can do as they please, but it usually falls into vague categories.

1. Trade between villages. Since some villages are the only sources of some fine commodity, we make it a point to supply the rest of the island with it. Even though we are not welcome at some place, like supplying York with rum.

2. Exorcise our rights. Everyone has rights to free searching, and one of our prominent members make it a point to free the shipwreck of nasty blighters that chew on your guts, aka. spirits.

3. We can also assassinate some high profile target who is hiding in a major area or town. We can do it for a mere 10gc. Every member can be called upon to claim that target's head. And incase it is one of our members, we reserve the right to refuse it.


1. Do not kill the leader, unless he tells you to.

2. Do not kill your clanmates, unless they ask you to.

3. Do not kill yourself, unless you accidentally ate a poison berry on 2hp.

4. Do not kill anyone in the town where you are trading.

5. Kill only to defend yourself.

6. Haggling is something fun to do

7. Trekking is also enjoyable.

8. Crabs are useless.

Golden Rule: Wait for more rules.

Why do we do what we do?

Because no one does it. Simple and easy. Who would supply the precious cutlasses to the various villages? Who would supply gold to clans? It goes on. And who makes sure that noisy people stay quiet for at least a few hours? No one does. But now, we do.


how to place an assassination request?

The talk page works just fine. Or maybe a pm in the various forums my more prominent alt goes to. And, please note that we only accept payment by bank, so that we can claim it at various branches.

Pronunciation Guide

  • to be updated often

Trading "tray-ding"
the act of completing a trade.

Blockade Running "Bloh-Kay-Duh Run-ning"
Pirates running around in York with Yorkmen following. Wicksicks running around anywhere.

Assassinating "Ass-sah-seen-nay-ting"
Eliminating popular people like:
-Simon (he really needs to be on the top)
-Serious Sam
-Long Fin Killie
-Foo Fighter
-James Barnes
-Clan leaders
-Active forum members