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Tired of our precious island being overrun with outsiders? Tired of having to worry about some greedy pirate shooting you in your sleep? Then The Aztec Empire is the perfect clan for you! We're a new clan dedicated to retaking Shartak from intruders and, naturally, we are currently recruiting fellow natives to aid us in our worthy cause.

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Leadership: Moctezuma
Members: 5
Goals: To retake Sharak from the outsiders via superior organisation and tactics.
Recruitment policy: If you wish to join, simply leave a message on the discussion page or send an email to
Contact: If you wish to contact us, simply leave a message on the discussion page or send an email to and we'll send you an invite to our tribe.

A Brief History of The Aztec Empire (Not the one in your history book)

After being brought up in Raktam, Moctezuma wandered across Shartak in search of adventure and eventually settled on the west coast. During his time on the coast, he witnessed many of the first outsider landings in Shartak. As time passed he saw many atrocities commited by the outsiders as well and became one of the first natives to actively oppose outsider presence on Shartak. After giving multiple speeches regarding the evils of the outsiders' presence, he returned to Raktam upon being forced to leave the coast by native leaders allied with the outsiders. Not long after his return, he recieved a vision in which Huitzilopochtli instructed him to found a clan named The Aztec Empire to wage war on the outsiders. Moctezuma immediately did as Huitzilopochtli commanded and thus The Aztec Empire was created. Moctezuma is currently looking for new people to join the clan.

Our Membership Requirements

  1. No PKers will be allowed membership.
  2. Additionally, outsider sympathizers are not allowed either.
  3. As one may have guessed by now, this is a natives-only group.

A brief side-note: Although Moctezuma himself resides in Raktam (when he's not out exploring), natives from other villages are more than welcome to join The Aztec Empire.

Current Operations

  1. None at the moment due to an insufficient number of clan members.

Current Members

  1. Moctezuma
  2. Tlotzin
  3. trickydb9
  4. Starvin Marvin

Note: Although our in-game page lists karlen2 as a member of The Aztec Empire, because he hasn't actually contacted our clan's leadership, he is not recognized as an official member.


September 14, 2007: Moctezuma recieves his vision from Huitzilopochtli and forms The Aztec Empire.
September 24, 2007: Tlotzin joines The Aztec Empire.
October 7, 2007: Moctezuma is currently on vacation in Europe and will not be able to regularly access the internet again until next Saturday.

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