Team Tathers

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Team Tathers
In-game page
Leadership: Neil Tathers
Members: Awesome Individuals Only
Goals: Hunt Big Game and Have Fun Doing It
Recruitment policy: Need a Squid kill, Contact us, we will help you out
Contact: Here

The Most Manly Team on the Island

Team Tathers has had many adventures involving their prestrigous clan mates. In the infancy stages, the Team manage to get a squid kill for every member. Since then, Neil Tathers has worked on making the Team the best team on the island!

Periodically Team Tathers has had contests. There was the Team Tathers Awesome Alligator Romp!, and followed by the next years, Team Tathers Bears Shargles and Goats Extravaganza! Both of these were considered a true success. Team member were aware of the contests before they officially begun.

Generally, if you have a pest control problem and need it to be fixed, Team Tathers is the Team to contact!