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To the Council of Wiksik,

Greetings to you in peace and fellowship.

My name is Darwin Saint-Luke. I am an outsider from Durham. I am writing to you with a heavy heart. I was sent to this island to investigate reports of atrocities committed against your peoples. Tragically, I have discovered that these atrocities are in fact occurring. I have seen your shamans enslaved in outsider camps, and I have also witnessed my best friend and companion, Ruhisai, a shaman from your village, murdered for the color of her skin. Disgusted, I asked Ruhisai to lead me to her village, where I hoped to make a home with you.

Unfortunately, I was murdered shortly after my arrival. And Ruhisai has been repeatedly killed and mistreated by members of your council, specifically one Kataara Kallos Moirae, for her association with me.

My hope was that the native peoples were different from my own, that the same hatred and prejudices would not be present among you. I grieve to discover that this is not the case. Perhaps you have suffered for too long from incursions by outsiders. Perhaps it is the nature of human beings to hurt and to kill. As it is written in our sacred writings, the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.

Gentle people, I implore you to not hold my Ruhisai's association with me against her. I have moved away from your village and abandoned my hopes for living among you. You shall not be troubled by my presence again. I have harmed neither man nor beast since my arrival here - my faith forbids such things. I am a healer, and if you come across me in your travels, you may count on my assistance in accordance with the teachings of my God.

Perhaps some day, a nation may be founded where a man can be judged for who he is, and not for who his fathers were.

Peace and blessings to you,

Darwin Saint-Luke,

Servant of the Living God