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Hello, Bank. I've a character with a couple extra gc's and am considering placing some of that excess in the Bank. Will there be any changes in the dividends paid out? I'd consider placing over 100gc except that it doesn't seem to be worth it with the current dividend structure. There are notes around the shipwreck implying the MG is working with the bank, and receiving deposits for them, is this true? I'm a tad bit worried about depositing a large amount of gc and having it be too big a temptation for the receiver. Otherwise, the concept of the Bank is great and, with enough investment & loans, bound to be very worthy. Thanks! --Frisco 23:35, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

Hello Frisco. 100 GCs is a small deposit compared to the reserves we've got, of almost 8000 GCs. Its hard to run off with that sort of money - what would we do with so much? Your money is safe. Check out at the Bank forum. We're transparent about deposits, and have a history of returning funds upon request through any branch. Dividend payments are reliant upon profits made from the bankers' activities, and we think the last dividend announcement - people with over 500GCs got 100 GCs in dividends, and scaling down from there - to be pretty good. The MG are authorised to take deposits so feel free to give them the cash. Please drop us a line at the board if you have any other questions. Thanks, the Bank.