Spirit Skills

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Spirit Skills

The following Spirit Skills explained in detail can be used by any race (outsider or native) as well as any class. Within Wiksik there is a clan of shamans called Necromancers who are highly versed in the spirit skill tree and know most the effects. Some charms may also affect spirit skills.

Ghostly whisper

Allows spirits to communicate - With ghostly whisper, spirits can speak to any player that has the sixth sense skill. Other spirits can hear ghostly whispers, even if they lack sixth sense.

Wishing to avenge his death, Gridflay relayed his killer's name to a fellow native, ensuring he'd be avenged.

Haunting scream

Attract other spirits and scare nearby living players - It is believed that haunting scream gives spirits a chance of dealing 1 HP of damage to living players in the area at the cost of 1-2 AP. All nearby players hear the scream, and some percentage of them take damage. It is believed that a spirit receives 0-2 XP per scream depending upon the number of listeners (perhaps 0, 1, 2+ yields 0, 1, 2 XP). Requires Ghostly Whisper to learn.

Exterminator's howl went through the hut, causing some villagers to feel a degree of pain.

Shocking shriek

Scare nearby living players - Shocking shriek is similar to haunting scream but allows spirits to deal more damage (2) to players they frighten. Shocking shriek is superseded and replaced by the more powerful banshee wail. Requires Haunting Scream to learn.

Rincewind placed his hands over his ears. The shrieks in the hut were annoying him to no end, and hurting his trading business.

Banshee wail

Frighten nearby living players - Spirits with banshee wail can emit powerful wails for a cost 2 AP per person present (up to 6 AP max) per wail. All characters in the area of effect hear the wail, and a small percentage of hearers (20-30%) take 4 HP of damage. XP reward for wailing is equal to the damage inflicted per wail. Banshee wail has a 5 tile radius when used outdoors. Requires Shocking shriek to learn.

Noah-san quickly healed those that were present. This spirit's wails had almost decimated the entire medical hut.


Be able to possess the bodies of the living - Allowing you to force you to make them Write or Say something. Speaking costs 3AP, Writing costs 4AP. Requires Shocking shriek and be level 10 or above to learn.

Floating into one's body felt weird, but causing someone to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, well, that always made The Law chuckle in between kills.

Forceful possession

Sometimes a stronger presence is needed to be able to possess the living - Allows you to force the person to attack people near them. Costs 6AP. Requires Possession and be level 25 or above to learn.

Surging into the host's body, Ziggyirked's spirit forced him to attack his friend, causing a retaliation. She floated out of the body, glad of the chaos she left behind.


Allows spirits to track down and haunt their last killer. - Allows you to be guided towards the position of your last killer at the press of a button. Moves you one square closer per click and each click costs 1AP.