Snake Eaters

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Snake Eaters
Snake Eaters.PNG
Leadership: Mongoose
Members: Pending
Goals: To hunt the python.
Recruitment Policy: All hunters are welcome.
Contact: Forum Thread

In Dalpok, a native hunter emerged from the jungle screaming of a horrific monster that ate his fellow hunters. Despite being somewhat sedated with a large number of alcoholic drinks, he continued to rant about it for several hours to anyone who would listen.

And so the hunt began...

Hunting Log:
1. Sighting: 06/26/2010.
- Location: South of Dalpok, Eastern Grasslands.
- Hunters: Star God Tinxieweewee, Johan Crichton, Leviathore, Ropata, Neil Tathers, Little Black Rain Cloud, Kiyuka (Healer), Vercingetorix (Digested), Taiaka (Slayer).

2. Sighting: 08/10/2010.
- Location: North of Dalpok.
- Hunters: List Pending. Star God Tinxieweewee (Slayer)

3. Sighting: 09/28/2010.
- Location: Dalpok, East of The Citadel.
- Hunters: Star God Tinxieweewee, Strength of a Bear, Shama-Lama-Ding-Dong, Allunga, Mongoose, Grunk the Pale (Slayer)

Hunt Saboteurs:

1. Name: