Shinra Electric Power Company

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Shinra Electric Power Company
Leadership: Board Members
Goals: To settle the jungle and utilise the vast mako reserves of Shartak Island
Recruitment policy: To join us speak with a board member, stating how you would like to work for the company

Midgar Layout

Midgar Layout.png

Non-Member Information


Shinra offers you a vision. Midgar, the floating city, built here on the island. Operated by players and inhabited by players.

We're here, and have been for some time, working on our surveys of the island. Looking for the ideal spot for our beloved Midgar to be built. Little under a month ago we found it and began construction in earnest. Already Midgar is taking shape and promises far more than myself and the board of directors anticipated.

What does Midgar offer you? I suppose that depends on what kind of person you are.

Currently our beautiful city is being marked out and constructed, there are plenty of opportunities to be had for those interested in something more than farming the med huts or home town pking.

For those interested in the construction itself we need harvesters to supply driftwood, clearance personnel to cut away the jungle and construction workers to create the signposts that will mark out our most glorious capital. The rewards are many; free health insurance, free machete sharpening and replacement services, free juice daily (when the cafeteria is completed), a constant supply of easy experience in a challenging environment.

For those more interested in killing things we offer competitive wages as well as first choice of weapon supplies and free health insurance. We operate two branches of security. One to kill all hostile wildlife in vicinity of midgar and another to hunt down anyone who kills a company employee.

For traders we will be offering an exchange service, to facilitate player-player trades, as well as protection and healing for any merchant registered with us while in the boundaries of Midgar. I need not mention that we will also be supplying heavy swords once the complex is complete, though we will only sell these to those trusted by our staff.

For players with a scientific bent we offer free health insurance to any scientist as well as access to specially cultivated jungle tiles and unrivalled access to the jungle's wildlife. Needless to say, the rewards are to be at the cutting edge of island science.

Healers will find us grateful, especially those who wish to become residents. For they will receive free healing supplies, with which to heal employees and residents, and let me assure you there are plenty of people to heal on a construction site infested with wild animals.

As if that were not enough, we will be offering wages based on the jobs taken up.

So come and join us in Midgar, to build a brighter future for the island, and for ourselves. --President Shinra 01:10, 7 January 2010 (UTC)


Midgar is located halfway along the Durham - York memorial freeway, just south of the swamp there. Our market (the closest reactor to the road) has GPS coordinates [-70.466,+26.354].

We will be including a map directing visitors and workers to midgar here shortly.

Positions Open

Midgar has a strict policy when employing new staff, we expect a clean criminal record. This means if you're a murderer then we have no work for you, unless you're reformed and can prove you are by having a peaceful flag erect for over a week on site. If you meet this criteria, or are willing to, report to the character indicated at the bottom of the job card.

Currently Midgar can offer wages for the following jobs:

Job Name - Construction Worker

Pay Per Week - 2gc

Perks - Free healing and machetes.

Requirements - Cutting the jungle as indicated on the Midgar Layout image below, erecting signposts.

Number of positions available - 4

Report To -

Job Name - Full Time Doctor

Pay Per Week - 3gc

Perks - Free healing supplies and plenty of people to heal.

Requirements - Patrolling Midgar and healing anyone insured with us and company employees.

Number of positions available - 2

Report To -

Job Name - Security Officer

Pay Per Week - 3gc

Perks - Free healing, ammunition and the best of our weapons.

Requirements - Patrolling Midgar and killing hostile animals.

Number of positions available - 6

Report To -


Not interested in working for us? Well we offer a variety of services for anyone who is interested:

Service Name - Citizenship

Service Active - No

Service Cost - 5gc per week

Service Description - While within the boarders of Midgar, if you are attacked in any way or form by another player that player will be ejected from Midgar.

Service Name - Exchange Usage

Service Active - No

Service Cost - 1gc per transaction, or 5gc for week-long registration.

Service Description - Signing up to this service means you can use our merchant. Any transactions will go through him (for example if someone wants to buy something then they give our merchant the money, our merchant gets the goods from you and then gives you the money and passes on the goods to the buyer. Our merchant will also have the price list of every person registered so. If said person is absent then this will be displayed on the merchant profile.

Merchant -

Service Name - Health Insurance

Service Active - Yes

Service Cost - 2gc per FAK used or 12gc for week long cover.

Service Description - If you pay in advance you will be registered on the wiki and will receive free healing till your registration expires. Otherwise you must request healing and pay in advance.

Medics -

Service Name - Cafeteria

Service Active - No

Service Cost - 6gc per week

Service Description - Three times a day our cafeteria will be open, upon signing up for this service you will be given a free bottle of fruit juice every day. You will be refunded 1gc if you return all 7 bottles at the end of the week.

Cafeteria Officer -

Service Name - Residence

Service Active - No

Service Cost - 25gc per week

Service Description - Combines all three services above at a discounted rate.

Employee Information

Midgar Planning Committee

GPS Coordinates

Reactor 1 - [-70.466,+26.378]

Reactor 2 - [-70.456,+26.376]

Reactor 3 - [-70.454,+26.366]

Reactor 4 - [-70.456,+26.356]

Reactor 5 - [-70.466,+26.354]

Reactor 6 - [-70.476,+26.356]

Reactor 7 - [-70.478,+26.366]

Reactor 8 - [-70.476,+26.376]

Shinra Building - [-70.466,+26.366]

Signpost Text

"Midgar, Reactor X - Reactor Y" (X being the lower reactor number except between 8 and 1 where it reads Reactor 8 - Reactor 1)

"Midgar, Reactor X - Shinra HQ"

"Midgar, Reactor 1. Medical."

"Midgar, Reactor 2. Soldier Residence."

"Midgar, Reactor 3. Brewery."

"Midgar, Reactor 4. Native Market."

"Midgar, Reactor 5. Market."

"Midgar, Reactor 6. Outsider Market."

"Midgar, Reactor 7. Employee Residence."

"Midgar, Reactor 8. Visitor Residence."

Employee List

Hojo - (board member)

Reeve - (board member)

Heidegger - (board member)

Emerald - (construction worker)

Company News

January 6th 2010 - Midgar Project officially announced on the island.