Shartak Society of Historians

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Shartak Society of Historians
In-game page
Leadership: Broderick
Members: 1
Goals: To introduce players to the colourful history and politics of Shartak
Recruitment policy:
Contact: One of our members in their designated hut

The Shartak Society of Historians

Shartak is a strange game. There aren't any actual objectives. It is described as an MMORPG sandbox: the players decide their own aims, whether it be leading a crusade against the brutal outsiders, forming a government for one of the outsider towns, or getting into the top ten explorers list. However, it can take a while before you really get to grips with what's going on. At first you just see that bit of graffiti in a hut and haven't a clue as to what it's going on about. Did you know, for example, that Durham has recently been at war with Raktam, and held elections to find a Governor? Did you know York has seen off multiple invasions from Pirates, Natives and the Mercenary's Guild? Be in the dark no longer!

We believe that the true treasure in Shartak is the metagaming; the politics between and within towns, the history behind the towns and the players. The problem is that new players to Shartak don't know anything of the rich background to the island, and we hope to remedy that by providing an explanation on a subject of a player's choice, or giving them a brief run-down of the history of their town. With the all-new Clan Communication, this should hopefully be feasible.

Requesting info

Since there is quite a hefty amount of history, and the exact timeline of much of the earlier events is a bit hazy, it's best to go through a few chunks at a time. If you want to know about any part of Shartak, go to the nearest Shartak Society of Historians hut and talk to the member inside.

Current Huts:

York - [-70.370,+26.312] Stand by Kahuni the Shaman, and it's the hut two squares south and one square east. Occupant: Broderick