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Shartak Juice Inc.
In-game page
Leadership: Admiral Thrawn
Members: 2-5
Goals: To provide all lovers of fruit with the freshest fruit juice available.
Recruitment policy: All fruit juice enthusiasts.
Contact: Our Talk Page or in-game.

Unbeatable prices,

highest quality,
total customer satisfaction.

Join us! We're hiring. Have a look at our jobs section below for details and leave a comment on our talk-page.


Admiral ThrawnIn-game link
alien pirate demonIn-game link
EuphoriaIn-game link
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Trader TimIn-game link

Variety of quality fruit products

Tasty Juices Price (gc = gold coin(s))
Mighty Mango Juice™ with the extra bit of pulp 3 bottles @ 2 gc
Premium Quality Banana Juice™ with a slight cinnamon note 3 bottles @ 2 gc
Some call it juice, we call it cider™ 2 bottles @ 1 gc
Sweet Berry Juice™ with rich, dark-red texture 1 bottle @ 1 gc
Scary Pumpkin Juice™ with a tad of black pepper (currently out of stock,
check back later
Mad Pirate Nightshade Mix™. Feeling tired of life? Try our juice combo consisting of 50% Sweet Berry Juice™ and 50% poisonous berry juice for 116% refreshment! (Provided that you're strong enough to survive that mix) combo (2 bottles) @ 2 gc
Strong Drinks
Crazy Ape Banana Rum™ with 77% abv (!) (still in development)
Golden Sparkly Mango Beer™ with 4% abv (still in development)
Gourmet Class Red Berry Wine™ with 11% abv (still in development)
Very Specials
Uncle Crappy's Crab Juice™, the fleshy, pink refreshment. NOT. (luckily not even in development)
Mushy Fungi Juice™. Tastebuds beware of this lethal sensation! 1 bottle @ 1 gc

Four good reasons why to buy our juice

1. It's delicious.
2. It's healthy (better than drinking rum every day).
3. It's made from the best fruits around which equals high quality.
4. It's cheaper than juicing on your own. Consider: to get 3 bottles of juice, you have to spend AT LEAST 12 AP searching for fruit, 12 AP for juicing and 3 AP to drink it. That means at least 27 AP for 12 HP.
If you buy our standard juice, you spend 1 AP giving us some gold and 3 AP for drinking your juice. That's sensational 4 AP for 12 HP!

Future Plans

You can usually find us somewhere around the trader's hut at the shipwreck or south of it in the jungle, gathering delicious fruit. As soon as we'll have established a good trading post, you'll have a place where you can find us at (more or less) fixed business hours! Please be patient, we're looking forward to serve you! Fruit juice is our passion, we don't want to rip you off unlike other merchants. Feel free to compare our prices. If you think our prices are too high, check out Trader Sam's prices and then say it again.


You like what you read here? Fruit juice is your passion as well? You're not after the big money but you enjoy juicing and selling high quality produce to customers? Have we got a job for you at Shartak Juice Inc.! Just drop us a line on our Talk Page.

A word about responsibility

Please don't litter! Be environmentally conscious, don't throw empty bottles away. Animals could be harmed by broken glass. You can return emtpy bottles to us if you wish, but you won't get any money back.
[Refund at collection depots when sold in Derby]

How to order

Check the profile of the salesperson you want to buy from.
DON'T order any item if the sign there says [CLOSED].
DON'T order any item if there's not enough of it in stock.
DON'T order any item if you haven't got enough inventory space available.
To order, simply pay one of our members in gold coins.
If there are different kinds of juice available, specify your wish. If you don't, you'll get what we choose.


Q: When will I get my juice?
A: Just wait until the person you ordered from wakes up.

Q: What if too many people order the same thing?
A: Orders are queued. If you should place an order and we got no more juice in stock when we get to your order, your money will be fully refunded!

Q: Do I have to sit and wait for my juice?
A: Yes. Your money will not be refunded if you should move away from the square our salesperson is in.

Q: What if I die while waiting for my juice?
A: We'll try our best to keep track of the transfer you made and will refund you or deliver your items as soon as we meet again. Should we not meet again, consider your money a donation to the fruit juice industry.

Q: What if you die after I gave you my money?
A: See above. We try to avoid dying, but we're sure you all know how dangerous it can be on this island.

Q: Are there any special offers or sales promotions?
A: Yes, from time to time there are. Check out the profile of the person you're buying from for details.