Shaman Grand Slam

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The Camp Crown, Roaming Crown and Shaman Grand Slam Championships are titles bestowed unto accomplished shaman hunters by the Greater York Federation for their outstanding athletic achievements. Potential champions/applicants are required to have at least 3 different camp or shaman kills. The winners of each respective championship are listed below. Oqtasian and Eyes of a Hawk are the first and second inaugural Shaman Grand Slam Champions respectively, so it is implied that kills prior to the commissioning of the Shaman Grand Slam are counted towards a hunter's scorecard.

To claim championship prize money, your character must be a confirmed winner of the title they are trying to claim (usually listed on the tables below). After confirmation, your character will maintain a credit with Unity Bank based on their completed achievement(s) i.e. 1000 gold credit for Camp Crown Championship. If you choose to withdraw it, speak with Unity Bank representative Merchant of Death in York to claim your reward.

Shaman Grand Slam Prizes
Title Award Prerequisite
Camp Crown 1000 gold Kill all 8 camp shamans
Roaming Crown 1500 gold Kill all 8 roaming shamans
Shaman Grand Slam 500 gold Achieve the Camp Crown and Roaming Crown

Camp Crown Championship
Champion Balchig Jakota Kadmor Kahuni Najdam Shubar Tapran Hodrali
oqtasian X X X X X X X X
AlexanderRM X X X X X X X X
Eyes of a Hawk X X X X X X X X

Roaming Crown Championship
Champion Atok Igoban Jidram Movak Pabkim Skulu Xaltam Zakano
oqtasian X X X X X X X X
Eyes of a Hawk X X X X X X X X

Shaman Grand Slam Championship
Champion Camp Crown Roaming Crown
oqtasian X X
Eyes of a Hawk X X