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Recruitment policy:

I was thinking back to the fond days of the Mall Tour at UD and I thought to myself why not make one here? As far as groups go this will be the loosest of all. Just add your name to the list and if I get 7 names at least then I'll start to organize this. Only Outsiders will be allowed in. You do not have to renounce your current group. Just join us for a fun time and go back to your group afterwards. We'll go from village to village (hopefully there'll be more then 3 by the time we start) cutting down the natives, slaying their shamans and stealing their gold (yes, we know you natives are hoarding it all). So if you're looking for a good time and a large raiding party, then add your name to the list.

To sum it up, we're basically the UN of pirate groups without the diplomacy.


Participating Groups

Potential Recruits

  • Th3 Black P3arl
  • The Pirate Captain's Crew
  • The Fire Fly Family
  • Keyblade masters
  • Brotherhood of the coast
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Alliance
  • The Holy Mission
  • The Scurvy Crew of The Hell-born Strumpet
  • The gangsterz of york
  • Cptn.Jack.Sparrow