Pastafarian Buccaneers

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Pastafarian Buccaneers
In-game page
Leadership: Jack Cudgel
Members: Aye, we got members and they be large.
Goals: We be folk wot accept th' Flying Spaghetti Monster as our saviour an' hae dedicated our loives ta' th' cessation of global warmin' an', o' course, th' gatherin' o' booty. Harrr!
Recruitment policy: Pirates only! Harrr!
Contact: Jack Cudgel


The Pastafarian Buccaneers were disbanded on 2012-07-15 at 18:52.

Wot be Pastafarianism?

Have a look here, matey.

Wot be ye doin' on Shartak Isle?

We be bringin' Shartak th' true word of th' Flying Spaghetti Monster. Further, we be adherein' ta' th' spirit of th' Kyoto Protocol by preventin' global warmin'. We also be gatherin' loot, booty, and th' loik t' pay for our worthy enterprise.


Aye, matey!