Kingdom of Wiksik

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Kingdom of Wiksik
Kingdom of Wiksik - Wiki Logo.jpg
In-game page
Leadership: Anthor
Members: 12
Goals: Peace, Trade, Roleplay
Recruitment policy: Open to all that support peace, free trade, and drunken roleplay!
Contact: Kingdom of Wiksik

The Kingdom of Wiksik holds dominion over the village state of Wiksik and surrounding areas.

Kingdom of Wiksik Map

The center of power is the Throne Room in Wiksik, 3 blocks east of the Wiksik Healing Center.

King Anthor rules over the Kingdom with a strong but fair hand.

All who are peaceful are welcome. Wiksik is place of tranquility and peace, and aims to become the trading center of the island. - Coming soon... the Bank of Wiksik, and the Kingdom Trading Company.

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-- Welcome to Wiksik Picture made by Milla/Stonerkitten