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In-game page
Leadership: Bobby the Hatchet
Members: Unknown
Goals: Preservation of the finer arts of headhunting.
Recruitment policy: Grab a machete, learn headhunting and get to it.
Contact: Send a carrier owl to Bobby the Hatchet

"Here, where a thousand captains swore grand conquest...tall grass their monument." - Matsuo Basho.


The way of the headhunter is resolute acceptance of death. We are a wild and fierce breed, practicing human sacrifice, drinking blood, scalping our enemies and drinking wine from the enemies' skulls. The head contains the life force of our enemies, by capturing the head one may conquer the soul. It is the native's finest display of manhood, cannibalism and prestige. When we're not hunting in the wilderness, we're waving our machetes and dancing around a fire.


The primary objective of the Headhunters is to preserve the finer art of headhunting. The sacred ritual has become lost on many of the native people. The Headhunters wish to embrace these ancient traditions and cover the island with skulls, reminding the enemy of our fearlessness, ferocity and martial prowess. The wilderness belongs to us!


Any native fighting man worth his pound of flesh may join. You simply need a machete and the headhunting skill.


Headhunting is an ancient skill bestowed upon the native people by the ancestors. Headhunters come from all walks of life and therefore embrace no true political leanings. All headhunters bleed red and find unity in the practice and celebration of this sacred ritual.


Take the heads of your victims as trophies or signpost decorations. Do not harm fellow headhunters, do not steal the head from a fellow headhunter's kill, leave no skull unturned. Chop until you drop.