Ghost Pirates

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GHOST PIRATES|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: BLACK THOM BADHAMMER, Jonesy
Members: 4
Goals: The haunting of all locales
Recruitment policy: Minimum level of 8, must be pirate
Contact: Talk to ingame if you can find us

The Story

A scurvy crew of pirates who can not rest in peace and must bring suffering to all who live.

Having lived a good life, well, as good of a life as that of a pirate would allow, these spectres try to relive the lives they once had. Planning raids like they had. Planning to be crotch deep in gore. Desiring the rum they once had, yet no drinks can quench their thirst. No amount of bloodshed can fill the void that they have. Only the wailing.

Because of the hate these dead souls harbour for the living, they will suffer.

The Plan

This crew will make its way across the land, haunting buildings which are overpopulated by the living. Wailing will insue, and recruitment shall happen.

Recruitment Policy

The Crew was seperated all over the Island when our ship sank, so they are only coming back ot fill their positions now. If you think you deserve a position, join us and claim it!

Due to the requirements of being a ghost pirate, many skills are required to participate, and it is expected that most members will be in the upper teens. There is a minimum requiremnt of being a pirate level of 8, who has some form of haunting ability.

The crew is currently haunting the medical hut in Dalpok, and if you are interested in joining, head there and whisper away.

The Undead Crew!!:

I don' know why we 'ill need such a big crew, our ship sank and we're dead. But the more ghost pirates the more the living will suffer our wrath! Come join us and haunt.

  • First Mate: Jonesy
  • Sailing Master: Greymoran
  • Master's Mate: eptavian
  • Ship's Surgeon:
  • Surgeon's Mate:
  • Boatswain:
  • Gunner:
  • Gunner's Mate:
  • Cartographer:
  • Quartermaster:
  • Carpenter:
  • Carpenter's Mate:
  • Steward:
  • Cook:
  • Cabin Boy:
  • Wenches:
  • Rum Runners:
  • Ship's Undead Monkey:
  • and Disembodied Bodied Seamen: