Fort Creedy Ruins

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Fort Creedy Ruins
Satellite durhamruins.png
Satellite map       Local map
Type: Undefined
Huts: 5
Shaman: (None)
Trader: (None)
Weapons hut: [-70.665,+26.381]


Medical hut: [-70.667,+26.379]




Fort Creedy Ruins - Territory Map
0 1 2 3 4 5
2 J A
3 A
4 H H
Unincorporated ("Jungle")
A Armoury Ruins
J Jail Ruins
H South Hall Ruins

The Fort Creedy Ruins complex (sometimes referred to as Great Southall) was first named by Malice and in June '07 declared independence and became the Independent Republic of Fort Creedy, governed by President Eptavian.

The Creedy Republic was in commonwealth with the Royal Court of Greater Raktam and the French located at Port Breton. Some natives were citizens of the Republic, and so natives and outsiders frequently intermingled at this location. The Ruins were also the first site of an organised brothel, Shivering Timbers.

In 2008, the Fort was occupied by numerous forces who declared several new names for it, with Great Southall being the one that had the greatest longevity. The conflict died away as 2008 became 2009 and as of mid 2009, visitors to the ruins are welcomed again to the Fort Creedy Ruins.

The Hall building is known to be a good source of gem stones.