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In-game page
Leadership: Killy v2
Members: Emoism consists of cool kids. If you're not a cool kid, you can't join.
Goals: Having a modicum of fun on Shartak. Emoism is apolitical, since politics on Shartak achieve nothing except angry nerds.
Recruitment policy: Being chill, but also capable of following instructions.
Contact: Killy

Current Status

A clan with a plan like a fleet of bulldozers We had a good run, clocks tick, it's over

Introduction (Who and What We Are)

Emoism is kind of a contemporary spoof group. You join for the sake of joining. People in Emoism aren't necessarily emo, but they do have to be pretty nonchalant.

Hopefully you sense the facetiousness in the previous declaration.

Other than having to be a chill person, there are no other requirements, besides know how to play the game and follow instructions competently.

A lot of us travel around, meet new people, then kill them if they're violent. Not all of us though. We have a member who solely heals people. That's pretty cool too.

What We're Not

Emoism is not a mercenary group. We will definitely not expend our resources on a single target. We will probably not attack a settlement or a group of people for you, for under less than 1000 GC, of course...

Past Activities

  • The Raid on Rakmogak has been a huge success! Amongst our few members, we were able to completely wipe out the entire population of Skull Island. Great job guys. I haven't seen a level 3 or higher cannibal in a while. I think I'll stick around until they start regrouping again, or until the newbies level up... Congratulations, we've taught those cannibals a very important lesson in hygiene and diet.


This is a list that includes certain players who have egregiously sabotaged Emoism-related plans. As such, they are high-priority targets and kill-on-sight (if you see them of course; you can't kill them on sight if you can't see them).

  • Bud the Chud - for the killing of fellow Emoism member a giant parakeet and conspiring with kraken.
  • isrzak01 - killed fellow Emoism member Remalle. F*ck him up.
  • CarnivorousApe - killed Spookey69. Although Killy already beat the s**t out of this idiot, try killing him as much as possible to make him regret it.


IRC, PM system on the forum, or forum coordination. IRC is for real-time coordination.


Absolutely NO in-game tensions are to be brought to the forum. I have to stress again that Emoism is apolitical. What happens in the game stays in the game. Shartak doesn't have to be a soap opera 24/7.

Heavy swords are shared regularly for trusted house members.