Digging Skill

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Can dig deep holes. - Digging is useful to hide objects under the ground for later use. Once you dig a hole, you can put up to six items in the hole per layer. Then you need to fill the hole. Without the skill, one can only dig with a shovel for 2AP, and only dig out the top two layers. You also cannot dig on a jungle tile denser than D1 without the Digging Skill. If you have the skill, you can dig out the top two layers without a shovel for 7AP, and with a shovel you can dig down four layers deep. The skill also allows you to dig on D2 jungle.

If you dig a hole and find something, you gain 1 XP. If someone had recently dug on a square, you get the message "It looks like someone has been digging here recently." Keep in mind that this message may also apply to freshly planted seeds for fruit trees and bushes, and if you dig too soon after someone has attempted to plant something, you'll merely dig up the seeds.

Below is a chart on how deep one can dig, and how far with what requirements.

Level Description Requirements
1 Shallow Hole Digging Skill or Shovel
2 Hole Digging Skill or Shovel
3 Deep Hole Digging Skill and Shovel
4 Very Deep Hole Digging Skill and Shovel

Jaqs decided she wanted to save the bottles of pumpkin juice for later, and didn't want to lug them around the island. She went to her favorite hiding spot, digging as far down as she could, and throwing the bottles in. She then filled the hole up, and made it seem as if nothing happened here.