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Derby-British Crisis Update

Sam Bellamy, the self-proclaimed Town Administrator of Derby with authority from the British, was opposed by the Eastern Federation. The Eastern Federation, once a leading power in island politics and military prowess, has fallen on hard times recently. This was probably a condition that the supposed British Administrator was looking for.

Within five days of Sam Bellamy's proclamation of taking over, the Duke of Wellington, leader of the British in Shartak, returned and disowned Sam Bellamy and gave the Eastern Federation support in removing Bellamy's claim.

The Eastern Federation only commented that Bellamy is now considered a "Serial PKer" since being stripped of his "authority". Sam Bellamy is not to be approached while one is unarmed or talked to in-case spoken to. Exercise caution when found. If possible, report sighting to the nearest 1st Derby Privateer or Derby Hospitaller.

Derby News

New Island Discovered Near Derby

August 25 2008, 12:56PM, Raivo, an intrepid explorer from Dalpok, was exploring the newly discovered tunnels that were found under the earths of Shartak.

After a few days, he came out of the tunnels and found himself in the middle of nowhere. Consulting his GPS unit, he found his current location, [-70.067,+26.341], a great distance south-east of the town Derby. He immediately contacted the Knights of the IRC Channel and stated his findings.

Several members, namely Simon and Elegost, were very enthusiastic about the new island and were pressuring Raivo to name the new patch of earth. Eudaimon and Skull Face offered simple suggestions to Raivo about naming the island.

In a completely elated moment, he described his location the island to the Knights of the IRC Channel as "A tall mound of rock sticking out of the sea with a small bit of sand around the edges. A dark cave is set into the rock, it looks man-made and strangely out of place."

Raivo soon decided to name the island "Arivo Rock" hoping people would remember how to spell it right.

The Knights of the IRC Channel and the DEP are witnesses to the naming of this new island. Anyone who challenges this naming is subject to severe penalties.

Derby Experiences Problems

For more than a year now, the quiet town of Derby was lead by the Eastern Federation, a group of Derby-based clans who strive to better the lives of Derbians. They introduced many ideas into the town of Derby, some being accepted while others faded into oblivion. One such success was the Derby Fencing Hall, run by the Derby Hospitallers. The Derby Fencing Hall was created so that new players starting out in Derby could gain experience to better prepare them for their adventures in the island jungles. Another was the Derby Hospital, also run by the Hospitallers. It provided free healing for anyone who needed. A failure or an idea that did not take off well with most Derbians was the Lecture Hall. It aimed to provide regular lectures as to educate the people of Derby concerning the dangers and wonders of the things in the jungles. The 1st Derby Privateers, the primary anti-PK [player killing] group in Derby, also once held a nasty reputation of ending any PK’s spree within a matter of days, sometimes even hours. The Eastern Federation was a clan that showed promise, due to their many firsts. They also created the first dedicated paramilitary group called the Derby Rangers, whose first field of action was in Dalpok. But in recent times, it seemed to many that the EF no longer holds the authority and power it once had. PKings are growing rampant in Derby, due to the Privateers losing more men than they recruit. The Hospitallers are also experiencing a time of trouble with their lack of growth. Derbians many times turned a blind eye to the Eastern Federations recruitment calls. But for how long with apathy rule? The Derbians ignore the cries of help from the people who once introduced many great things to them.

The recent return of Robzombie, the leader of the 1st Derby Privateers, might be a sign that things could turn for the better. But without new hands to swab the deck, it might just be that the Eastern Federation is facing the end of its days.

International News

Territorial Debates Plague the Island

For a long period in its short history, Shartak's different towns have had at least one or tried to make a government of its own.

Now, the with most towns having their own form of government or having none at all, major island political parties have taken it upon themselves to name territories in which their own rules are enforced.

The first group to claim its territory was the Royal Court of Greater Raktam, whose land claim starts with a border that cuts through the mountain, follows along the river and is directed along by the grasslands to the east.

The following groups have had no special attention when they were claiming as the Royal Court claimed first and everyone else just followed suit.

The Kingdom of Skulls from Wiksik has claimed the lands east of Raktam and the north eastern peninsula.

Derby's Eastern Federation has also claimed the eastern peninsula as thier own but their claim has created a small conflict with the KoS. Negotiations went underway quickly and the dispute was resolved peaceably and a buffer land was created in between them.

York and the Kingdom of Skulls have also disputed over the claim to Midway Island. Serious Sam, a Yorkman, claimed that York has rights to the island since they drove the Wicksick out. In the past, the Wicksick Headhunters, who are not representatives of the village Wiksik, held a ritual which was shortly disrupted by a surprise attack by the Eastern Federation, which was soon complemented by forces from York, among which was Serious Sam. Derby has given no claim to Midway Island since Wiksik is geographically closer.

York itself has a proposed area of land following the coast, the river and heading west along the lakes and swamps has been given. It has yielded no disputes at the time of writing.

Durham has claimed at entire south western peninsula and the remaining land west of York's territory. The Independent Republic of Fort Creedy is a tiny self-governing territory inside Durham lands.

Dalpok and the Shipwreck have no proper form of government at this time and have not been able to put forward any claims to territory. Any form of government at the shipwreck is unable to perform well since the pirates themselves turn against each other.

These landgrabs have given a new light into island politics and will perhaps dictate a new era of peace in the island. Or will it bring destruction? Only time will tell if these territories are actually worth the trouble of claiming them.

Pirates Lose All, Gain Brothel

Shipwreck. For months, York and Dalpok have been able to sleep in a somewhat blissful calm. Free from worries of lewd drunkenness, violence and all around pirate-like characteristics.

Natives around the village of Dalpok say: “Atakc tkt ttak ctakt aku tuck tuck!” which is roughly translated into: ‘’I can finally breathe clean air again. The smelly long beards are gone!’’

Many Yorkmen have been sipping their tea happily, planning on who to place into their KOS (Kill On Sight) list next.

The Shipwreck, once a feared power in both it's leaders and huge population, has finally collapsed into more anarchy than it had had previously. Native headhunters and pirate hunters raid the wreck daily while pirates slit each other’s throats in their sleep.

The disappearance of Michael Edwards, Rozen and Whitney and many others of the Shipwreck’s major power players, the Shipwreck’s powerful Brotherhood of the Coast has gone inactive and has not done anything to defend the wreck or establish foreign relations.

While a bar fight was in progress, an anonymous pirate remarked: "I've come to realise that an organised pirate clan is an extremely unlikely thing to occur" He went on saying that "Most pirates abhor organisation, or don't stick around.”

Many pirates have found themselves travelling to other places on the island. One such place is CyAdora's Shivering Timbers: a gentleman's club whose profits continues to swell to new heights.

-Caesar Davis

1st Annual Cannibal Run - Daring Expedition to Newly Discovered Island

A local Derby soldier named Deus257 is planning an expedition to the newly discovered island of Rakmogak. If Deus257's expedition is successful, it will likely be one of the biggest forces of outsiders in Shartak's history. He hopes to recruit soldiers and adventurers from York, Durham and Derby. This is remarkable due to the fact that this expedition is unaffiliated with any clan. The aim is simply to gather a large group of united outsiders and storm the island by force, taking care of the supposed threat that these cannibals pose and searching for treasure in the process. The send-off is sponsored by the tavern owner, RoadWorkBob, the group will leave from The Hanged Misfit in Derby.


Interview with Matt Wilkinson, Durham Election Candidate

DEP: So, now that we are comfortably sitting at your bank's back room, could we begin with an interview before entering a discussion about my mortgage?
Matt Wilkinson: Most certainly so. But please, make it short as the queue is steadily growing longer.

DEP: Hmm. What is your history in Durham?
Matt Wilkinson: It all began at early spring when my ship, supposed to arrive at York, was forced to take shelter in Durham. I landed there and found the city to be perfect for my studies. Sleepy and a bit neglected.

DEP: What were your studies, if I may ask?
Matt Wilkinson: No you may not.

DEP: Good enough. What happened then?
Matt Wilkinson: Well, after getting my rifle functioning again I started to explore the Durham Peninsula. It didn't have that name then, mind you. After a few weeks of a bit of exploring and hunting I managed to return to Durham. My brother Mill had sent me letters depicting his current home at Derby and the people there.

DEP: *A-hem* Please stay on Durham, thank you.
Matt Wilkinson: Oh, please forgive me. Where was I?

DEP: At your return to Durham.
Matt Wilkinson: Oh yes. I returned for the elections that had taken place. I remember Tomn and Ron Burgundy talking about brighter future when a new governor is elected. I made my stand as another candidate, just wanting to shuffle the deck a bit, you see.

DEP: Oh yes, I remember the elections being rigged.
Matt Wilkinson: *slaps the DEP* They were not rigged! If the voters had followed the simple basic lines about voting the candidates agreed upon, then the elections would have been far different!

DEP: *massages his cheek* Well? What happened? You have to remember that most people on Shartak don't have a clear picture about the Durham elections back then.
Matt Wilkinson: After listening to the quarrel about correct votes I proposed a consulship among Tomn, Ron and I.

DEP: And after a few weeks only Ron was a consul.
Matt Wilkinson: *ashamed* Oh yes, I half-accidentally gave up my post and Tomn was nowhere to be seen. Burgundy isn't that bad as a man, he just got over-ambitious. I hope the people realize that when they read about Shartak's history.

DEP: And now, after being a refugee in the jungles, soldier in the Durham Model Army and a banker in the Durham Utility you are running again for a governorship. Why?
Matt Wilkinson: Well, as a banker I have time to do government duties as well. The elections seem well organized enough for me to trust that votes get counted better this time.

DEP: And what about your counter-candidates?
Matt Wilkinson: I feel that I am in no position to make claims about my co-candidates. My campaign is far more passive than the others, but at least I know my promises will be filled.

DEP: And what are your promises?
Matt Wilkinson: That I will not meddle with Durham. We all saw what happened when Burgundy gained power, and that one is partly my fault. I intend to continue my work as a banker and occasionally hunt for tigers.

DEP: What if you lose the election?
Matt Wilkinson: I continue to work as a banker. Every candidate has something to bring to Durham, even when I think Durham is good as it is. It is also good to know that seems to be no war-mongering loonies running.

DEP: Thank you, Mr. Wilkinson. I thank you for the DEP. Now I'll begin my trip back to Derby...
Matt Wilkinson: Not so fast. You have a mortgage to account for.
DEP: Oh damn...

Interview with Deus257, Organizer of the 1st Annual Cannibal Run

G3N: "First of all, if you do manage to attract a large crowd, how are you going to manage such a large force? What are your plans?"

Deus257: "Well the raid is going to be in waves... depending on the numbers, I hope to have 2 separate parties attacking from the caves and overland”

G3N: "What do you want this expedition to achieve?"

Deus257: “I believe, if successful it will raise moral and bring in more volunteers from other townships to participate in raids and bring peace amongst us”

G3N: "Peace amongst outsiders? Heh, that seems to be a noble cause. Finally, what made you want to organize this? What would you say is the main purpose of the expedition?"

Deus257: “To fight a new threat. Hopefully word will spread to others and we will have a strong enough force to show the cannibals we will not be messed with”

G3N: Thanks for your time Deus, best of luck with the expedition... if you excuse me, I think Mill's just bought everyone a round...


A Letter from Deus257

I am Deus257 - explorer and patron at The Hanged Misfit Tavern in Derby. I am here to announce an unprecedented event that will take place in the coming weeks. "The 1st Annual Cannibal Run" sponsored by The Hanged Misfit Tavern, is an organised expedition meant to strike at the cannibal's island in a series of continuous raids. This is a daring expedition where death is 98.9% certain for those daring enough to go where no adventurer has gone before and take part in the largest organised raid in island history. Revel in te spoils of victory! We are accepting applications and any questions at The Hanged Misfit Tavern, join today.

This expedition will show that all on the island would stand united against the cannibals and prevent them from any large scale attacks.