Colon Police

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Colon Police
In-game page
Leadership: RO-BO
Members: *shrugs*.
Goals: We'll get back to you on that one.
Recruitment policy: Jabber at us until we listen
Contact: You'll find a way

The Colon Police, after a sucessful campaign against the Colonial Police in York, has disbanded as of May 2007. We performed with honour, with grace, and more importantly: Clean Colons

Yours truly

The Management

The Colon Police

Orificers Of The Law

Here at the Colon Police we have one vision. One goal. One dream. That dream is simple, my capitalist friend. That dream is to gain control of York and lead it to victory against our fascist oppressors.

How can we win against such evil as the Colonial Police?

Well I'm glad you asked young Ural. All we need to make communism work is willing, wealthy people such as you. Simply visit your nearest Colon Police overlord and present them with all your belongings and properties. As soon as we are in control of the majority of the wealth in York we will simply be able to crush our enemies with firepower and extreme brutality.

But where will I live? What will I eat?

Don't worry my simple child! It will all be taken care of for you! As soon as we are in control of all of the houses in York the entire population will be moved into a single cosy hut in a nice remote location. All of your old huts will be preserved perfectly and even looked after by your caring and powerful overlords! Rations will be given to random* members of the house on a daily basis. *Based on the severity of starvation.




Claims to Fame

  • Voted sexiest clan in a recent poll of islanders