Ace Dreggs

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The infamous PKKer and leader of The Bloody Jewel. At a young age Ace's parents were hung by the British for piracy and ever since then he vowed a hate for the British. In Ace's travels he met Captain McCoy who took him aboard on his ship The Bloody Jewel where Ace put his pirating skills to the test and moved up the ranks of the ship. Aboard the ship was a man named Will Hawk who started out being an enemy who would face off against Ace at all avaliable chances that is until Ace was shot in the leg while defending Will during a battle with 7 French soldiers who were after him. After that point Ace and Will became what would be like brothers till the end of their days. Years after their friendship began, Captain McCoy was killed in a stormy battle against the British at sea and with the captain dead Ace took leadership of The Bloody Jewel and Captained her. With a crew and ship under his command and a past of hate Ace made the decision to turn the ship into one that would hunt down those who betrayed others. Ace had become a PKKer.